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 of Black Culture’s impact 

 on the world, through food. 

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Eat Noire is a food lifestyle brand focused on shifting the conversation around Black food, by highlighting and promoting Black culinary artists globally. We are cultivating a community featuring Black chefs, mixologists, and restaurateurs by way of love and influence, through high-quality content, and curated events.


This is a platform that properly represents & highlights the spectrum of beauty and range, present in the high-end Black culinary space. We rally our constituents to support the array of projects being shared by our featured Black culinarians, embedding the importance and power of the Black dollar.


We believe Black culinary art has continuously taken a backseat to the western world of food & beverage. There are award-winning, self-taught and classically trained people in the food industry that deserve a seat at the “table” and a platform where they are celebrated. We are transcending celebration by establishing a level of education through demonstration and history.