Marinate. Cook. Serve: A Chat with the Owner of Nick's Seasonings

Updated: Jan 7

Nicholas Owen is a food enthusiast, entrepreneur, family historian, and lover of all things spice. Nick aims to bring true Jamaican flavor to meals of his customers worldwide through his spice company Nick's Seasonings. As a graduate of Howard University, he shared that the "mecca" helped begin his cooking career; bringing people together with his passion for his heritage and the food he grew up eating. When he launched his company, he vowed to create and bottle the perfect blend of spices and herbs expertly combined to bring out the flavors needed to transform any meal. We're happy to report, he did just that!

As stated on his site, "the ingredients are simple." Nick uses fresh onions, habanero peppers, salt, pimento seeds (All-Spice), scotch bonnet peppers, raw cane sugar, and more delectable items that make up some of his best selling concoctions. On top of that his products are Soy-Free, Gluten-Free and Vegan Friendly.

The Eat Noire team has had the pleasure of watching Nick in his element: on the grill, entertaining, being the life of the party, and ensuring his Jamaican hospitality is always at the forefront of his gatherings, while effortlessly making amazing chicken.

As a descendent of a long history of self-taught cooks, he knows what it means to start, refine, and finally perfect a craft with only standing on the shoulders, lessons, and insights of those cooks who've come before you.

For those of us who've had the pleasure of tasting Nick's Seasonings, we know the love, intention, and pride, is available in bottle and we could not be more proud of how he has harnessed his passions and made it a thriving black owned business.

Take a look at the short film "Just Start" that gives us an intimate look into Nick's journey.

Check out his website to bring some of his spices home to your life and those you love!

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