Soul to Soul with Author, Chef, & Event Planner Khadijah Nimrod

Updated: Dec 16, 2020

Khadijah is the Founder & Chief Experience Curator of

The Superior Collective— a bicoastal, bespoke, special event planning company based in Los Angeles, CA. She's also the author of Soul to Soul, a newly published e-cookbook. Khadijah shared that her love for people is undying and the joy she has whether curating an event or cooking a meal is immeasurable. "Seeing God move through the creative works of my hands is a feeling I just can’t accurately explain."

Her first cookbook Soul to Soul has been a labor of love for about 2 years and that she attributes to the encouragement she received from numerous people (and God) to launch. Without the help of her community, she knows that Soul to Soul wouldn't be the top seller it is today, and she wants to use every opportunity she has to show her gratitude.

We asked about the toughest challenges about her journey and she shared that being a full time entrepreneur has taught her to "just trust the process and not rush it". For her cookbook, she took every single photo on her iPhone, created the design for the book from scratch, and all of the smallest details she made sure to do with intention. She shared doing everything herself was definitely one of the largest feats, but she wanted to push, stretch, and trust herself through the journey of authorship.

Her advice to young entrepreneurs is "you don’t have to be an expert at something to be used by God.” For a long time she went back-and-forth with herself about whether or not the e-cookbook would/should be something she invested her time in. As many home cooks do, she looked at others in the industry whom she respected and admired as culinary experts and used to think she couldn’t write an e-cookbook because she lacked the proper certifications or credentials to give other people advice on cooking. Boy, was she wrong and we're so happy she pushed past her fear and went after her dreams. She reminded us to "Write the vision down and make it plain" and to always choose Progress over perfection.

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