Where Culture & Fine Dining Unite with chef josh swinney

Updated: Apr 29, 2021

"Good food brings everyone to the table, no matter their indifferences."

We're taking it down south to ATL, Georgia to highlight executive chef, entrepreneur, author, and food instructor Joshua Swinney. Chef Josh started out working in catering at 14 yrs old. He was awarded the opportunity to learn the basics of cooking from 1:1 experience with some great Black chefs and from there, went into working in restaurants in his high school years. After 5 years of working in fine dining, he transitioned to find his passion in corporate dining and has been working in corporate dining for the last 7 years, currently, serving as an Executive Chef.

His carer trajectory shifted when he had the opportunity to work at a great family owned Italian restaurant

and this was where his love of cooking began to expand. After graduating high school, he knew what the immediate next step was an enrolled into culinary school. He was able to learn a lot from not only his professors & peers, but made a lot of connections, and was able to enhance his cooking abilities.

Upon graduation, Chef Josh knew he wanted to experience the world of Fine Dining and floated between the front and back of the house. From those experiences, he was able to learn how to successfully run food service operations inside and out. In many of his earlier roles, he was the only Black cook in the kitchen. At times, he was mistreated, and slightly disrespected. However, instead of firing back,

he learned how to get better & allowed work ethic

to speak his truth.

"I earned respect amongst my peers, and moved into leadership through my skills, commitment, and love for food."

Although this work is exciting, challenging, and ever evolving. Chef Josh wanted something to put his own touch on and to combine his love for fine dining with his love for Black culture. He founded Sincére Fare, a culinary experience start-up based in ATL. They specialize in hosting unique culinary events with our brand partners, teach different culinary classes (from wine & craft cocktails to food), and offer curated in-home dining experiences all featuring Black chefs, mixologists, and event planners.

When asked his advice for anyone looking to get into the culinary industry he shared "listen to sound advice, work hard, learn the craft, and stay focused." Producing quality dining experiences for people is not easy work. You have to pay attention to the details, and execute at a high level.

"You will make some mistakes along the way, but stay focused on getting better."